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At WithCo Cocktails our goal is to creating premium cocktail mixers that are not only better-for-you, but provide a truly elevated cocktail experience in seconds. We all know that making cocktails at home can be time consuming, costly, complicated, and a bit overwhelming. Not anymore! Follow our cocktail guide below which has been categorized by spirit. 

At WithCo, we've created 8 signature cocktail mixes that can be shared across spirits, while also used as a base for all your favorite craft cocktail recipes. 

Not sure which WithCo mixers will pair best with your favorite spirit? Shop below to find the right mixers for you and your upcoming gathering!

What To Mix With Bourbon & Whiskey


Make your favorite bourbon or whiskey cocktail in seconds while maintaining a craft cocktail experience. From Old Fashioneds, Bourbon Mules, Whiskey Sours, or seasonal Ciders we have it all!

Shop our bourbon & whiskey pairings below:

What To Mix Tequila With 


Who doesn't love a good tequila cocktail? We have create a variety of fresh tasting cocktails from Agave Margaritas, Ginger Margaritas, Lavender Gimlets, Tequila Sours, Cucumber/Mint Tequila cocktails and more.

Shop our tequila pairings below:

What To Mix With Vodka


Looking for something on the lighter side? We totally understand that and we have a variety of refreshing, crisp, vodka cocktails. Shop our Mule, Bloody Mary Lavender Gimlet, Cucumber/Mint Gimlet, and more. Try Bouquet and Hey Girl with vodka topped with champagne. 

Shop our vodka pairings below:

What To Mix With Gin


If you are a gin lover than you're our kind of drinker! We have brought botanicals front and center with a line up of incredible Cucumber Gimlets, Bee's Knees, and Lavender based martinis and French 75s.

Shop our gin pairings below:

Mixers For Rum


Have some fun with our rum based cocktails! Grab a barrel aged rum for a warm wintery cocktail or mix it up with our Bouquet or Hey Girl for something on the lighter side. 

Shop our rum pairings below:

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Lastly, there is no better way to be cocktail ready than by having our 9 Piece Bar Kit on hand to make the perfect cocktail, every time. 

9-Piece Bar Kit 

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