Hosting can be time consuming, costly, and far too complicated. So, we've crafted 3 signature Holiday Cocktail Recipes that make for simple batching while serving up a buzz-worthy beverage to your guests.

Don't get stuck in the kitchen this year making drinks for friends + family all night. With WithCo, making the perfect holiday cocktail has never been easier. The simplicity, yet, perfect consistency of our batched cocktails will be the star of any show. Whether you're in charge of bringing the cocktails to friends-giving or hosting the annual Christmas movie night, these ready-to-drink cocktails will leave you at ease!

Here are 3 festive holiday drink recipes that can be easily batched to keep the party going this holiday season: 


Honey Sour's bold flavor is not-too-sweet, not-too-sour, but just right. Raw honey is the star, complemented by subtle, nutty Bee Pollen and finished with a lemon zing. Each spirit pairing makes a radically different cocktail: try it with gin for a light, classic Bee’s Knees, or whiskey for a complex take on a Whiskey Sour. 

What You'll Need: 

01 - 3 bottles of Honey Sour

02 - 6 cups of Gin

03 - Serving Bowl

04 - Garnishes : Lemon, Cranberries, Rosemary                                                       


  01 - Pour 3 bottles of Honey Sour 

   02 - Add 6 cups of Gin

 03 - Add lemon, cranberries, and rosemary

04 Ladle each serving into a glass and garnish with the leftover lemon, cranberries, and rosemary            


Finally, a Bloody Mary that tastes exactly as it should, with ingredients everyone can pronounce! Our commitment to staying 100% natural kept this recipe in the works for over a year, and the result is well worth the wait. Flavorful ripe tomatoes meet crisp celery and spicy horseradish for a bold, easy-sipping Bloody Mary you'll love. Trust us, this is as farm-fresh as it gets -- and as tasty as you deserve.

What You'll Need:

01 - 3 bottles of Bloody Mary

02 - 6 cups of Vodka or Tequila

03 - Pitcher

04 - Ice

05 - Garnish

01 - Add ice to pitcher

02 - Pour 2 bottles of Bloody Mary into pitcher

03 - Add 4 cups of Vodka/Tequila

 04 - Stir      

05 - Pour each serving into a glass and garnish



Turning leaves, fireside chats, and #sweaterweather go hand in hand. Our apple cider-esque cocktail boasts our longest list of fresh, hand sourced ingredients, to make hosting and gathering a breeze. It’s comforting aroma and subtle spices will make this a family tradition worth keeping.

What You'll Need:

01 - 3 Bottles of SweaterWeather

02 - 6 cups of Whiskey

03 - Crock pot or Sauce Pan

04 - 2 SweaterWeather Garnish Packs

**Optional: Serve hot in a crock pot or sauce pan


01 - Pour 3 bottles of SweaterWeather
02 - Pour 6 cups Whiskey
03 - Add 1 garnish pack
04 - Ladle each serving into a glass and garnish with the other garnish pack


Be sure to pick up a Bar Box to make hosting this year even easier.   

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