You've grown up, it's time your bar cart did as well. Introducing WithCo's Bar Box that gives you everything you need to take your hosting and craft cocktail skills to the next level. 

Gone are the days of guessing your liquor to ingredient ratios causing you to over pour your liquor or create overly sweet drink. The time has come to level up your bar cart - go ahead, you deserve it!

Shake the perfect drink. Blend the best Old Fashioned you have ever made. Create cooler drinks with our spherical ice molds. 

Explore our Bar Box below : 

Piece 1: The Japanese Jigger

The perfect cocktail deserves the perfect pour. Grab a jigger and pour the perfect drink, every time. Our jigger is 1oz by 1.5oz and works perfectly for all of our cocktails.

The Japanese jigger is the industry standard and it'll become your go to bar tool every time you craft a drink. 

Piece 2: The 3-Piece Shaker Tin

Mix the perfect cocktail with our 3 piece shaker tin. Shaking cocktails creates the perfect blend while providing an ice cold beverage every time. 

The shaker tin is the perfect tool for all our shaken cocktails and will be the perfect addition to your bar cart. 

Piece 3: Old Fashioned Crystal Mixing Glass

Our highly popular crystal mixing glasses are now available! As seen at your local craft cocktail bar, these mixing glasses will help step up your Old Fashioned game. 

Simply pour your WithCo Old Fashioned mix + your whiskey/bourbon/rye and give it a stir. Works perfectly with our SweaterWeather Cocktail mix as well. 

Piece 4: Sphere Ice Molds

Make the perfect cocktail with our cubed ice molds. Simple to use and always on hand for nights of gathering with friends. Our Ice Molds are durable and will last forever. Simply fill with water, put into your refrigerator to freeze, then add to your cocktail!

Now, you'll have the coolest cocktails when you host. 


Piece 5: Cocktail Strainer

The missing piece to your bar cart is here!

After stirring your cocktail and liquor in our Mixing Glass you'll need a strainer to finish off your cocktail with no small shards of unwanted ice.


Piece 6: Speed Pourers 

It's now easier to make cocktails at home with our 2 Pack Speed Pourers. Add one to your liquor bottle and one to your WithCo bottle for fast, easy, and perfect pours for every cocktail you make. 

Creates a simple way to serve cocktails for large gatherings. 

Piece 7: Garnish Kits

Garnishes add the finishing touch to cocktails, and it's not just for aesthetics. Our garnishes are top-of-the-line in quality and aromatics, to enhance cocktails with the perfect amount of complementary flavor and aroma. Dried garnishes are a beautiful, sustainable, and affordable way to serve professional-grade cocktails at home.

Piece 8 : Cocktail Spoon

Our cocktail spoon is just what you need to blend cocktails in your Crystal mixing glass. Will help make the best Ellis Old Fashioned and SweaterWeather (our 2 cocktails that are made to be stirred and not shaken. 


If you are ready to step up your bar cart game then add the WithCo Bar Box to your cart now and get ready to level up your cocktails. 




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