It's that time of year again and WithCo is here to make Gifting and Gathering easy...easy peasy because we do the lemon squeezie.  From our full line up of clean ingredient cocktail mixers to our Holiday Bar Box we've got something for everyone on your list.

Gathering during the Holidays can be time consuming, costly, and far too complicated. So, we've built a simple Holiday Cocktail Recipe Guide to help batching cocktails as simple as can be.

WithCo allows you to spend less time in the kitchen prepping and more time around the dining table with your guests, the way hosting was meant to be.

Below is our Gift Guide to help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

1.) Cocktail and Garnish Kit - $25

Garnish like you mean it this year.  Your drink should look as good as it tastes, so we've dehydrate fresh citrus for you to pop on top.

You choose your flavor and your garnish!


2.) Sampler Kit - $65

How to gift a drink for someone you don't know? Have all the options!  We like to call this one "Santa's lil Sippers."

Flavors include: Bouquet, Hey Girl, Agave Margarita, Ginger Mule, Honey Sour, Ellis Old Fashioned.


3.) Old Fashioned Bar Box - $85

The perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your your uncle who's always half in the bag.

Box includes: Our Ellis Old Fashioned Mix (named best Old Fashioned Mix by, an ice mold for the perfect ice cube, orange garnish kit, a crystal mixing glass, jigger, x2 ripple glasses, and a strainer


4.) Holiday Bar Box - $115

We packed a box full of everything one might need for hosting and making craft WithCo cocktails all night.

Includes: Shaker tin, jigger, strainer, spoon, x2 bottles of your choice, and garnishes - with this box you get it all and more!


Sip well and gift well, friends!  

- Joshua and Bradley


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