Ok ok -- so you love the classics, you’re a true loyalist to the Bloody Mary cause and, after all, why change a good thing? We hear you. When we’re craving a Bloody Mary, we want a true Bloody Mary, and a damn good one at that. That’s why we formulated this Bloody Mary mix using only the freshest of the fresh ingredients -- no pre-bottled Worcestershire sauce or processed horseradish “paste” here -- so your favorite clean, quality vodka finally gets the compliment it deserves!

To Make a Traditional Bloody Mary:

01 - In a highball glass, pour 2 oz WithCo Bloody Mary over ice
02 - Pour 1.5 oz Vodka
03 - Give it a solid stir
04 - Garnish with lime, olive, celery, or however you please!

Each bottle of WithCo Bloody Mary makes 6-8 servings. 

Why you’ll love this Bloody Mary:

Traditional Bloody Mary lovers know they hit the spot like nothing else, but a bad Bloody Mary is like rain on your parade. We hunted for years, but nothing comes close to that fresh-from-the-bar cocktail! Even the top mixers on the market rely on stale spices, flavorless juice concentrates, or questionable preservatives -- and, sorry not sorry, that’s a hard “NO” from us. We wanted something clean, flavorful, and 100% natural that never disappoints, so we created our own Bloody Mary to do just that.

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