This super simple-yet-elevated French 75 with lavender and rose uses a dash of fresh, herbaceous ingredients from WithCo’s Bouquet mix. It’s a boozy, bubbly cocktail, perfect for sipping on special occasions. Make a single serving for yourself, or batch 10 servings by stirring it all in a pitcher for easy hosting at home.

To Make a Lavender French 75

01 - Pour 1 oz WithCo Bouquet into a cocktail shaker with ice
02 - Add 2 oz Gin or Vodka
03 - Shake and pour into a champagne flute
04 - Top with champagne and garnish with lemon or lavender


And voila, as the French might say. WithCo’s Bouquet makes it incredibly easy, and unbelievably fresh. Inside the bottle, there’s lavender, rose water and fresh-squeezed lemon, without a single preservative or unnatural flavor. WithCo has done all the prep work for you, so your drinks taste fresh from the bar, even at home. Cheers!

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