For an elevated cocktail on a budget, this easy Tequila Sour recipe is a crowd pleaser any time of year. This cocktail perfectly balances sweet with sour, and if you add an egg white, it has a beautiful frothiness that makes it light and creamy. We used WithCo’s Honey Sour mix to get the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness every time.

To Make a Tequila Sour:

01 - Pour 1.5 oz WithCo Honey Sour into a cocktail shaker over ice
02 - Pour 1.5 oz of your favorite Tequila
03 - Optional add 1 egg white
04 - Shake for a good 30 seconds and strain into a glass
05 - Drop in a lemon Garnish

Using a cocktail shaker makes this recipe extra smooth, but if you don’t have one, don’t fret. You can get a similar experience by stirring the ingredients for 30 seconds in a glass or pitcher, but you’ll probably want to leave out the egg white unless you have arms of steel. This recipe is also great for hosting, since each bottle of WithCo Honey Sour contains 10 servings that we guarantee will disappear before you know it.

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