Dreamy notes of lavender weave through fresh-squeezed lemon and rosewater. A light and herbaceous cocktail, Bouquet is a refreshing partner to clear spirits. It’s a gin lover’s essential, or the perfect finishing touch to elevate your favorite brunchtime bubbly. 

Each 16 oz bottle makes 10 cocktails 

Water, Fresh Lemon, Pure Cane Sugar, Lavender, Rosewater

Crisp, Floral, Refreshing 

Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Bubbles, Soda Water

Serving Size / 1.5 oz
Servings Per Container / 10
Calories / 50
Calories from Fat / 0
Total Fat / 0 / Daily Value / 0%
Saturated Fat / 0 / Daily Value 0%
Sodium / 0 mg Daily Value 0%
Carbohydrates / 14 g / Daily Value 0%
Sugars / 13 g
Protein / 0 g

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We’re dedicated to the best and highest quality experience for our customers. So as not to compromise the efficacy of our fresh ingredients, we do not offer returns on our cocktails. However, if you experience any issues with the shipment or it’s contents, we are here to support you -- please email info@withcococktails.com.


Is there sugar in your cocktails?
Yes-- but it’s not your average sugar. We are all about fresh, top quality ingredients, so we stick to 100% raw cane sugar in our recipes. Even more so, we only use what’s necessary -- there’s between 6-13g sugar per serving in WithCo products, as compared to your average mixer with 24g. Refer to the nutritional facts on each product’s page for more specific information.

Are these cocktails sweet?
The short answer: no. We prefer a well-balanced cocktail that highlights every complex note, and that means we’ll never drown you in simple syrup. But if you have a sweet tooth, no judgement there! Simply use more mix than the standard recipe calls for.

Are your cocktails really made with fresh ingredients?
Sure are! The lavender comes from actual lavender flowers, the vanilla from whole Madagascar vanilla beans, and the ginger is real fresh ginger root. Extracts just don’t carry the truest flavors, and we never want to compromise on our quality just for ease and convenience.

Is there any alcohol in your mixes?
No, you have the freedom to pick your favorite booze and mix according to the recipe on the bottle.

Do you make mocktails?
Yes! Try our flavors like Bouquet, Jackass, or Hey Girl mixed with soda water, and you’ll be in for a refreshing treat.


How do I make a cocktail with these mixes?
Our recipes are as simple as it gets. Almost all of our cocktails except for the Ellis Old Fashioned call for equal parts mix to spirit. The good news is, all the instructions for each flavor are right on the bottle so you don’t have to memorize anything. 

What do I need in order to make a WithCo Cocktail?
Liquor, WithCo, cup, ice. That’s all! If you want to get fancy with it, you should definitely try shaking them in a cocktail shaker for a super smooth taste. But if you don’t have one, just stir and sip!

How many drinks do our mixes make?
Almost all of our 16 oz bottles make 10 cocktails if you’re following our recommended recipe. The only one that differs is Ellis Old Fashioned, which makes 32 cocktails in a single bottle -- no joke!


How soon do these mixes expire?
The shelf life of our products is 1 year unopened. Once you open them, we suggest consuming within 2 weeks, and keeping them in the refrigerator between uses. The only one that differs is Ellis Old Fashioned, which will last up to 4 weeks once opened. 

How often do you make new flavors?
We are very intentional with the product development phase, and it all starts with our customers. If there’s a cocktail that you’d love to see on our lineup, drop us a line at info@withcococktails.com, or submit a query form below!

Where are your mixes bottled?
Our cocktail mixes are handmade in small batches in Tennessee.

Do you offer sample sizes?
Maybe one day soon we will offer travel sizes/samples, but for now we stick to 16 oz bottles. 

Do you offer bulk pricing or wholesale options?
So glad you love us! Reach out to info@withcococktails.com to tell us more about what you’re thinking, and we can determine how we can work together. 

I have a question about my order.
Happy to help! Reach out to info@withcococktails.com, and include the full name on your order and/or the order number if you have one. You can find your order number on the confirmation email, which would have been sent to the email address used during checkout.

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How to make a cocktail with Bouquet

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