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Espresso Martini (6pk/12pk)

Espresso Martini (6pk/12pk)

Coffee / Raw Cacao / Pure Cane Sugar

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Each bottle cost $12 per bottle

Each 750ML bottle makes 13 cocktails 

Cost per pour $0.90 per drink

Infused with the essence of these robust beans, each sip envelops you in the bold and invigorating aroma of freshly brewed espresso. But that's not all – we've artfully blended in the richness of raw cacao, adding a layer of deep, velvety chocolate undertones that balance the coffee's intensity. Smooth, Robust, damn near Life-Changing

Whether you're looking to kick-start your night or seeking a luxurious nightcap, the Espresso Martini mix with 5x strength caffeinated beans, raw cacao, and pure cane sugar promises an indulgent experience that combines the best of coffee and cocktails in a single, sensational drink.

Works perfect for your cocktail and non-alcoholic menus. Consistent cocktails every time regardless of experience level. 

Let us do all the prep work for you - the muddling, the measuring, the chopping and juicing.

Fits perfectly in your speed well with a speed pour. 18 Month Shelf Life Prior to open. After opening, we recommend throwing in your fridge at the end of a shift and enjoy within 4 weeks.

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Vodka, Tequila


5X Strength Caffeinated Bean, Raw Cacao, Pure Cane Sugar

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size / 2 oz
Servings Per Container / 13
Calories / 60
Calories from Fat / 0
Total Fat / 0 / Daily Value / 0%
Saturated Fat / 0 / Daily Value 0%
Sodium / 0 mg / Daily Value 0%
Carbohydrates / 16 g /
Sugars / 16 g
Protein / 0 g

Functional Benefits

Blood Flow, Energy, Brain Function, Gut Health, Anti-oxidants

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