Mezcal is like tequila's smooth and smoky cousin. Like tequila, it's made from our favorite -- agave -- but unlike tequila, it gets a rich and smoky taste from being cooked in fiery earthen pits before its distilled. You can find it easily at any liquor store. Some call it an acquired taste, but trust us, once you acquire it, you'll never go back. 

This recipe spotlights the unique flavor of mezcal in our go-to classic cocktail, the Ellis Old Fashioned. It's our founder's go-to cocktail for its perfect balance of bold flavor, and it's not uncommon to find it batched in a pitcher for easy service at company gatherings. 

To Make a Mezcal Old Fashioned:

01 - Pour .5 oz Ellis Old Fashioned in a mixing glass over ice
02 - Pour 2 oz Mezcal
03 - Stir for 30 seconds and strain into a rocks glass over ice
04 - Add an orange Garnish on top


If you're batching this recipe in a pitcher or dispenser, remember that 1 bottle of Ellis Old Fashioned makes 32 cocktails! We recommend letting your guests pour this cocktail over a large cube of ice rather than mixing ice in your pitcher. 

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