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The Whiskey Aficionado (3 pack)

The Whiskey Aficionado (3 pack)

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The instant-speakeasy. Stock the bar with everything you need to mix classic whiskey cocktails, in a single kit. It’s the perfect assortment for bourbon and whiskey lovers, with enough to go around at your next dinner party. Makes 52 drinks. Includes one of each bottle. 

  • Ellis Old Fashioned - named Vogue’s “Best Old Fashioned, it’s so consistent and smooth it’s almost criminal." Old Fashioned cocktails should highlight the subtle flavor variations of whiskeys and bourbons — not mask them. Our Ellis Old Fashioned features ingredients that naturally show off the flavors of whiskey, drawing deeper appreciation for the spirit. Any bourbon or whiskey lover will be impressed.
  • Ginger Mule - the Bourbon Mule with a kick of fresh ginger that wins everyone over.  A Moscow Mule with a kick! Ginger Mule uses real ginger root and fresh-squeezed lime for a crisp, refreshing cocktail packed with flavor. It’s one of our most versatile mixes -- pair it with whiskey for a clean Whiskey Ginger, vodka for a modernized Mule, or just about any other spirit you love.
  • Honey Sour - a Whiskey Sour, elevated to perfection with honey and smooth bee pollen. This cocktail’s bold flavor is not-too-sweet, not-too-sour, but just right. Raw honey is the star, complemented by subtle, nutty Bee Pollen and finished with a lemon zing. Each spirit pairing makes a radically different cocktail: try it with gin for a light, classic Bee’s Knees (gin), or whiskey for a complex take on a Whiskey Sour. 



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